Axolight presents Bul-Bo

Designed by the Gabetti e Isola studio for the Olivetti Residential Center, 50 years after its first edition the iconic lamp comes back… Read More

Axolight acoustic collections

Acoustic Solutions from Axolight

Ceiling with exposed beams? Valorize it with the right lighting

If you are so lucky to have a ceiling with exposed beams, you will need the right illumination to valorize their beauty. The… Read More

Corridor lighting with Axolight designer lamps

You cross it every day when moving from one room to another but you have never given it the right value: it’s finally… Read More

The perfect ceiling lighting for your house

When defining the main lighting source in a room we have a clear goal in mind: valorizing the space and the décor materials. Read More

Jewel mono | the new pendant by Studio Yonoh

Interior lighting design: ideas from Axolight

Lighting design is one of the most important elements in the decoration of a living space; this is why the choice of the… Read More

Lighting ideas for a contemporary house

It is essential to refine the lighting of a contemporary house in order to ensure a diffused and homogenous illumination, a… Read More

Wall sconces: 10 ideas from Axolight

Wall lamps have the function of ensuring the correct illumination levels and, at the same time, they are used for making spaces more… Read More

Wireless designer table lamps, the new trend

The wireless designer table lamp is one of the latest lighting trends, especially valued for the many functional and aesthetic advantages. Read More

Best lounge bar illumination with Axolight lamps

Warm and welcoming atmosphere, relaxing music and soft lights are unmistakable features of a lounge bar, vital ingredients to turn it into a… Read More

The Axolight lamps in Ultimate gray and illuminating, the two pantone 2021 shades

The Pantone Color Institute has announced the colors of the year 2021, Ultimate Gray – Pantone 17-5104 and Illuminating – Pantone 13-0647, two colors already… Read More

Designer lamps for the bedroom, which ones to choose

A particular lamp, original and exclusive, is undoubtedly the ideal choice to illuminate and, at the same time, add a classy touch to… Read More

How to manage restaurant lighting

Lighting plays a vital role for a restaurant and has a strong influence on the entertainment of the customers. A correct illumination creates… Read More

The best lamps for Hotel lighting

A curated hotel lighting is fundamental to give a welcoming impression, making hotel spaces more comfortable and perfectly enjoyable from clients. Read More

Light positioning in your house? Choose how to do it.

To avoid mistakes it is necessary to prepare an accurate project which will carefully consider every room, taking into consideration some key factors… Read More

Lighting ideas for your internal staircases

Internal staircases are used to connect different floors in a building and they need to be adequately illuminated to ensure a perfect visibility. Read More

The best light positioning to ensure natural lighting in an attic

Natural lighting is undoubtedly ideal to make an attic warm and welcoming. However, quite often natural light is not enough and we need… Read More

Float | easy to buy

How to choose a modern crystal pendant light

When choosing a modern crystal pendant light there are some important factors to be considered, all concurring to the same goal:… Read More

Colorful lamps: the most actual trends

One of the most actual trends in lighting is the use of colorful lamps, really appreciated by the modern design fans,… Read More

ADA 2020 Float wins the fifth edition of the Archiproducts Design Awards – “lighting“ category

Float by Mario Alessiani wins the fifth edition of the Archiproducts Design Awards – “lighting” category With over 750 nominations from all over the world,… Read More

Principles of lighting engineering, studies and design

Being familiar with the principles of lighting engineering is vital to study and design the correct illumination for indoor and outdoor spaces, using… Read More

Kitchen lighting design

Lighting for a kitchen must be planned in details to obtain a perfect illumination for the complete room, transforming it into a unique… Read More

Cold or warm light? Which one to choose?

The light emitted by LED lamps is perceived by the human eye with different color tones, which are changing according to color temperature. Read More

Transparent design lamps, the Axolight offering

A transparent lamp is able to generate charming and evocative atmospheres; this is an intrinsic feature of glass, a material which allows to apply special… Read More

Light temperature and how to choose it for your spaces

Light temperature is an indicator of its warmth and its tone, expressed in Kelvin (K). A lower Kelvin value corresponds to a warmer and yellow… Read More

LED lighting: how to use it inside a house

In order to make everyday life more comfortable, choosing the right lighting for the home environment is fundamental and LED lighting is undoubtedly the perfect… Read More

Axolight | Liaison by Sara Moroni

Choose the best lighting for your store

Designing a perfect store lighting is paramount to showcase a point of sale, regardless of the marketplace in which it operates. Light can be used… Read More

How to choose lighting for a living room

Choosing the right illumination for a living room requires a lot of attention, because, in this particular space, many different activities are taking… Read More

Axolight | Float by Mario Alessiani

Axolight | DoDot by Simone Micheli

Axolight | Float by Mario Alessiani | short video

Axolight USA:10 years of success in America spokesperson for the value and creativity of made in Italy

Axolight, the Italian lighting company that designs and produces high end design lamps celebrates an important anniversary. Over 10 years ago, with a strong… Read More

Axolight – presents two novelties Float and DoDot

Axolight restarts its production in Italy and launches two new lamps – Float and DoDot – that combine eternal design and technical innovation   Discover Float   Discover… Read More

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