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LED integrated designer lamps and chandeliers

Nowadays, integrated LED lamps represent the most requested lighting solution for residential and public spaces.


LED lamps, in fact, offer multiple advantages if compared to a normal halogen or incandescent bulb, not only because it is an energy efficient lighting system, minimizing energy usage and therefore generating savings, but also because it is a smart, performing and long-lasting kind of lighting.


Axolight offers several LED-integrated lamps ad light design solutions. For example, Dodot that is a brand-new orientable LED wall lamp that perfectly suites with indoor spaces. This spotlight is perfect both as wall or LED ceiling lamp. It was designed by the Architect and Designer Simone Micheli for Axolight. Compact and powerful, DoDot is composed by two small half spheres which are fully orientable (+/- 46°) and contains a 17,6W dimmable LED source, boasting a lighting package of approximately 2,000 lumens.

The light beam can be either shaped by an aluminum reflector (with a 15° or 35° beam angle) or by a glass lens (48° angle), allowing to match any need from the end user or the designer.


Another great example of LED light which can create endless combinations is U-light, a round design pendant with dimmable LED light, available in four different diameters and two colors (rust brown and anthracite grey). The guiding idea is the combination of circular aluminum body and a really intense LED light, perfectly integrated in the structure in order to diffuse a dimmable morbid white light. The choice of installing an LED technology allows to minimize energy consumption and denotes a strong attention to environmental themes.


Optimal LED home lighting is very important for Axolight, and this is perfectly represented by Lik, designed by Serge and Robert Cornelissen blending a minimalistic shape with highly technological components. Lik is, in fact, a small metal wall lamp equipped with a very intense LED source, which generates a light beam creating a nice reflection from the wall up to the ceiling. Available in white, bronze and matt nickel colors, Lik is meant to be used in a creative and versatile way, as a single installation on the wall, our grouped to create interesting pattern, providing a good answer to every interior decoration and lighting need.


Last but not least, CUT, a modern LED floor lamp equipped with LED technology also available as suspension or table lamp. Timo Ripatti is the designer of this LED floor lamp and the whole collection designed for Axolight. CUT stands out for the use of a dimmable LED lighting source, masterfully projected on the semi-transparent glass diffuser. The result is a morbid light which never glares. The two functional elements are connected by three precisely cut aluminum disks, which become three different possibilities to position the lamp and therefore create a different style.


Compared to traditional lamps, an integrated LED lamp ensure a superior performance under every point of view, without compromising on fascination and appeal.