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recessed designer light lamps and chandeliers

One solution to illuminate walls and ceilings without compromising on aesthetics, is the use of recessed lamps. The newest versions are equipped with state-of-the-art LED sources, ensuring the highest efficiency in every condition of use. Compared to halogen or incandescence sources, recessed LED lamps offer a more efficient illumination, longer lifetime and lower energy consumption, consequently a smaller energy bill. In its catalogue, Axolight is offering different families of led recessed lamps, providing the best solution for a perfect installation on every surface, no matter if on a wall or on the ceiling.


One example is Fedora, a collection of lamps designed by Dima Loginoff and inspired by a shape coming from the Russian tradition: the matryoshka doll. Starting from an ancient shape, full of implicit significance, Fedora is then dressed up in modernity, mastering the use of glass and aluminum. It is available as recessed spotlight and in numerous versions of pendants: single, clusters of three, six or twelve lights and even a linear composition of seven lights.


The combination of metal and crystal is also the defining trait of Fairy, a family designed by Manuel and Vanessa Vivian, whose glass facets playfully interact with the light, even when the lamp is off. Decorative and sophisticated with its unpredictable reflections, Fairy is very versatile, thanks to the many color combinations. Available as wall, ceiling, recessed and pendant versions, the Fairy collection can be naturally used to elevate residential and contract spaces, decorating and creating a visual interest in every kind of space.


Elegant, original, decorative, the recessed wall lamp is the ideal ambient light to illuminate hallways and passageways, guiding guests towards different spaces. To create a good lighting effect, it is necessary to combine multiple sources, according to the length and dimensions of corridors. This is the perfect playground for pendant lights, wall sconces and spotlights of different shapes and sizes, in coordination with the style of the decorations which are already present in the same space.