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Large lamps and chandeliers

The latest design trends reveal that large scale lamps are extremely appreciated by the public.


They are useful to fill the void volumes in living rooms of medium-large sizes, for example where the dining table is comfortably inserted in a modern space. Additionally, large scale lamps represent the perfect solution for all the spaces which need a proper lighting, like staircases or rooms with high ceilings. Last but not least, large sized lamps are ideal for public spaces such as hotels, restaurants, bars and night clubs.


Axolight is proud to offer a wide choice of large scale designer lamps, enabling to create a strong visual accent in every room, adding color, happiness and personality even to the plainest environment.


Among large scale light fixures we find Cloudy, the suspension designed by Dima Loginoff which resembles a cloud using five spherical elements of different sizes, gently wrapped by a semi-transparent elastic fabric.

Even Melting Pot is clearly standing out among large lamps, as represents a fusion of different decorative elements, all integrated in an evocative structure which, in the intention of the designer Sandro Santantonio, resembles the Babel’s Tower: a multiplicity of shapes, colors and dimensions


Designed by Manuel Vivian, the large-scale pendant Bell stands out for its bell-shaped body, which is differently sloped, depending on the diameter. Bell is wrapped by super-smooth, flame resistant and machine washable pongè fabric ribbon, available in 10 different colors.


Another large scale suspension lamp is U-light, designed by Timo Ripatti starting from the perfect geometrical shape by definition: the circle. U-light is a graphic play of circular aluminum elements, light and minimal, which are decorating ceiling and walls.


The unique ability of designing and manufacturing large size lamps is an answer to the contract segment which demands dynamic and innovative business partners.


From its origins, Axolight as a company of design lightning has been collaborating on prestigious projects worldwide, with a combination of catalogue products and tailor-made customizations, from modern table lamps to modern floor lamps and pendant lights, from recessed to wall and chandelier ceiling lights.

Axolight gives also the opportunity to create your personalized large scale light installations using a group of lamps from different sizes.

Flexibility, combined with the capability of creating special objects is, in fact, a synonym of the international vocation for Axolight, a company which is famous for the decorative strength and the outstanding quality value of its collections.