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Medium sized lamps and chandeliers

Being able to cover the whole range of dimensions, from small to medium sized lamps, has always been a must for Axolight.


The Venetian Design Lightning company is specialized in custom projects boasting a wide portfolio of flexible product lines that can be further tailored to perfectly fit any project need. From table lamps to floor and pendant ones, from recessed lamps to wall lamps and chandelier ceiling lights, all these solutions are available in different scales such as the medium size one.


Among the Axolight product offering, the medium scale designer lamps Manto, CUT and Urban represents the epitome of the lighting solutions for medium sized spaces, as for example kitchens, living rooms, passage areas or meeting areas.


Manto – designed by Davide Besozzi – is a collection of pendants which is declined into three different dimensions. A sphere of opaline blown glass, containing the LED source, is sustained by a telescopic rod which, once unlocked, allows to reposition the sphere at different heights: suspended at a distance or immersed into a ring of elastic fabric. The ring is maintained in horizontal position by some metal cable connected to the telescopic rod. The shape of the lamp and its lighting effect are changing according to the positioning. With its discrete elegance, the medium sized lamp Manto can illuminate with charm dining rooms and lobbies of prestigious hotels, as a single installation, becoming a lighting focal point, or in a multiple installation, creating a luminous sequence of indisputable fascination.


CUT, a collection of lamps created by Timo Ripatti for Axolight, is another lighting solution perfectly suitable to decorate medium size spaces. Available as suspension, floor lamp and table lamp, CUT is defined by an integrated dimmable LED lamps source which is projecting its light on a semi-transparent diffuser, creating a morbid and diffused light, absolutely not glary. The two functional elements are connected by three aluminum discs which have been masterfully laser cut and joined, creating three different options for the support surface and thus three new styles and lighting effects.


Urban is a really trendy medium scale designer lamp which, in its geometrical essence, gives a touch of glamour and sophistication to each environment, private or contract. Developed by the Russian designer Dima Loginoff, it has an aluminum body with an integrated dimmable LED, which is declined into pendants and surface mounted lamps. Urban is available in three colors: white, bronze and matte nickel. The result? A simple and functional medium sized lighting system which is wonderfully integrated in each room.