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Glass lamps and glass pendant lights

Glass lamps always ensure atmospheres full of charm, thanks to a material which is synonymous of prestige.


Regardless if they are glass pendant lights,  recessed light chandeliers, wall sconces, floor lamps, or table lamps, a glass lamp always embodies the magic of light and represents a very actual trend in contemporary living.


The Venetian lighting design company Axolight born in the cradle of blown-glass craftsmanship, is offering glass lamps and glass pendant lights which are perfect to enrich interiors.


Glass lamps masterpieces by Axolight


Spillray by Manuel and Vanessa Vivian is a great example of glass lamps made by Axolight. It is an eclectic and elegant collection which includes both single pendant glass lamps, multiple linear compositions (6 or 10 lights) or clusters (3 to 12 lights). The glass diffuser, transparent or decorated by delicate whiffs of color in the shades of orange, red, gray and bronze, is smoothly filtering the light with elegant reflections. Also, the chromed metal frame has a role in creating a symphony of lighting effects, which are then reflected on the glass shades.


The suspension glass lamp Manto, designed by Davide Besozzi, ensures a relaxing mood in the interiors. It is a glass lamp composed by a sphere of opaline Murano blown glass, containing the LED source, which is controlled by a telescopic arm. This feature allows the sphere to be positioned at different heights: suspended at a distance or wrapped by an elastic fabric. With its discreet elegance, Manto gracefully descends from the ceiling, diffusing the right illumination to highlight the other design elements in the room.


We can certainly not forget Mountain View, a sculptural suspension in blown glass, ideated in 2015 by Dima Loginoff. With a perfect mix of craftsmanship and art, Murano blown glass is modeled creating a unique precious piece. The glass pendant Mountain View takes inspiration from nature and puts in the spotlight the delicate profile of a mountain, a shape which is familiar and unusual at the same time, when it comes to design. The uneven and abstract profile allows to decompose light in a fascinating way, without compromising a soothing and harmonic 360° diffusion.


The art of a master glass-blower requires effort and incredible skills, especially when it comes to creating pieces of big dimensions like the Murano blown glass lamps: this is a delicate process which is known all over the world. Every Murano blown glass lamp has a double value: the preciousness of glass, combined with a millenary art. Additionally, as every single piece is created by hand, there will never be two identical products. Decorating a house with glass lamps and glass pendant lights means having the chance to admire every day a masterpiece, a synthesis of timeless purity.