Ceiling designer lamps and chandeliers

The ceiling lamps of Axolight are the perfect combination between state-of-the-art technology and design. Refined and elegant collections, the perfect expression of made in Italy. 

The modern ceiling chandeliers are not only lighting devices, but they can also be design objects giving elegance and style to all the spaces. For this reason, Axolight has developed many collections with unique lines and great visual impact.

Among them, we can recall DoDot, the orientable spotlight that can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall. Projected by the designer and architects Simone Micheli, it is available in 5 colors. Two fully orientable (+/- 46°) small half spheres, containing a dimmable 17,6W LED lamps. A lamp capable to combine lighting efficiency and the purity of its geometric forms.

Another lamp with these characteristics is Ego, a collection of orientable ceiling spotlights realized by Axolight Lab. A lamp with a gentle design able to valorize the spaces through its light beam, perfect for exhibition rooms and also domestic interiors.

A minimalist and post-industrial aesthetic characterizes the ceiling lamp Urban & Urban Mini by Dima Loginoff. Urban combines geometric simplicity with glamorous and sophisticated finishes. An object ideal for every environment and sector, from business to home and hospitality.

Among the modern ceiling chandeliers, we have to cite Hoops, projected by the designer Giovanni Barbato. Lightness of the volumes, sinuosity of the lines and elegance characterize this iconic lamp. Available in three colors and in the suspension version, Hoops fits many environments and sectors, from domestic interiors to the hospitality world.

A completely opposite solution in terms of colors and volumes is represented by the high ceiling chandelier Velvet. A creation entirely made in Italy, starting from the creative genius of Manuel and Vanessa Vivian, that designed it. Tactile matter, colorful shades, great volumes allow this lamp to give style and grace to the spaces in which is placed.

Not only Velvet, but all the ceiling chandeliers, designer wall lamps, table lamps, sound-absorbing lamps, dimmable lamps by Axolight express the elegance and style of the made in Italy.