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Light positioning in your house? Choose how to do it.

To avoid mistakes it is necessary to prepare an accurate project which will carefully consider every room, taking into consideration some key factors like the choice of the lighting system and the type of light sources to be installed. Let’s discover in details what are the lighting spots in a house and how to choose the right position for them.

What are considered the house lighting spots?

House lighting spots indicate the positions where the selected lighting sources will be placed to ensure an optimal lighting. As far as lighting fixtures are concerned, there are many available options, such as: pendant lights, floor lamps, wall sconces, spotlights and everything that can be used to make the living area perfectly enjoyable.

We consider lighting spots also switches, plugs, dimmers and other controls, because they emit energy. To define the best collocation, it is necessary to define where the lighting fixtures will be positioned, based upon this, we will design the whole lighting system.

Lighting elements positioning in a house

The correct positioning of the lighting elements is related to the furniture’s layout in the different spaces; therefore, it is better to start by defining where the furniture will be placed and then decide the precise collocation of the lighting elements.

To simplify this phase, it is recommendable to position the furniture and prepare a house lighting elements plan, allowing to precisely determine each location.

In the design of the lighting elements plan, we have to consider the resulting lighting effect, so that there will not be darker areas, but also avoiding excessive lighting which will be annoying.

Finding a balance in the collocation of the lighting elements is crucial to ensure an optimal lighting of the environments.

Light elements in the rooms

How to calculate lighting elements in different spaces? This phase is important to correctly illuminate each space in the house. To avoid errors and properly illuminate each room, always consider the central spot, where normally the main lighting element is placed, and then define the other lighting spots according to the room purpose, for example bedroom, kitchen or else.

By doing so, it is possible to calculate the number of lighting elements which are necessary for each room in order to ensure the defined activities. The sum of all the lighting elements is what is needed for the house.

How many lighting spots are necessary in a room?

With an estimation for each room, it is possible to suggest how to position the lighting spots in the most efficient way. In the bedrooms, it is fundamental to combine the main functional light with two task lights which are positioned on bedside furniture. It is also possible to have one additional light spot, like for example a floor lamp, which can be used as an alternative to the main light during the evening hours.

For the living room, it is preferrable to choose dedicated light spots for each area, to achieve an optimal illumination. Therefore, we can adopt a mix of direct and diffused lighting, obtained with a combination of orientable LED spotlights on the ceiling, floor and table lamps, to be positioned in different areas of the room.

Living room needs multiple lighting spots, due to the fact that we tend to spend much time in this space during the day and perhaps in the evening we want to relax on a couch to read or watch tv.

Kitchen lighting, instead, needs to be very functional and intense, in order to ensure a perfect visibility on the working surfaces. In the kitchen, we also recommend including some direct light over the table and several outlets for refrigerator, cooker hood and small appliances.

Which kind of lighting for a house?

Having determined the number of light spots and where to place them, it is now time to choose the kind of lighting which we prefer to install in the rooms. For the living room, the ideal light is the diffused one, which can cover the whole space, a perfect fit also for the central area of the bedrooms.

Indirect light should instead be used for transit areas like hallways and corridors, to create a more dynamic effect. 

Direct light is ensuring a good illumination of a specific area, like for example the light which is needed for the dining table or the work surfaced in the kitchen.

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