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recycled lamps

A lamp gives charm to any environment. But a recycled lamp is capable of personalizing the space, renewing the atmosphere and the look.


Nowadays, the theme of sustainability is more and more central in every activity and also affects the design sector. The contemporary green approach places many companies in the position of creating design objects using recycled or recyclable materials, such as design recycled lamps by Axolight.


Axolight for sustainability: lamp recycling, eco-materials and non-polluting processes.


Thinking in terms of sustainability becomes everyone’s responsibility to preserve the future of the new generations, optimize the use of resources and develop new, less invasive solutions for the environment. An awareness that moves Axolight, a high-end Venetian design lamps company, which has been involved for years in the study and research of “virtuous” solutions in the lighting field. Not only a deep attention in lamp recycling and in the choice of eco-sustainable materials (bio-based solutions, biodegradable, derived from recycling and industrial processes), but also in the launch of non-polluting processes (lower CO2 emissions, reduction of packaging, greater resistance and durability for less waste). 360° sustainability, therefore with the aim of creating recycled lamps and giving life to waste materials.


The approach to product Green Design brought together Axolight and the designers Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma of Studio Yonoh, who conceived an innovative product with a strong eco-sustainable footprint. Jewel is a collection of recycled pendant lights whose peculiar element is a double crossed arch, made of recycled ABS, which embraces a conical shape in aluminum which houses an integrated dimmable LED lamps source. In the single version, the lighting result is a punctual light beam, while the multiple installations create a more diffused light, ideal for contract spaces.


Axolight started the production of the first prototype of the recycled Jewel lamp on the occasion of the World Environment Day dedicated to the theme of plastic waste, a symbolic choice that emphasizes a current theme of fundamental importance for everyone.


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