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Acoustic Lighting Solutions

Axolight has developed a new range of acoustic lighting solutions to improve customers well-being, combining visual and acoustic comfort.


It is scientifically proven that excessive noise can cause health issues, reduce productivity on the workplace and also negatively influence social behavior.


The freshly launched new acoustic light fixture U-light by Timo Ripatti is a perfect acoustic lighting solution which combines lighting performance and sound absorbing properties. In fact, the family of acoustic ceiling lights U-light is equipped with a PET acoustic panel which ensures an optimal environmental noise reduction.

The modern acoustic lamps like U-light represent a valid alternative to the classic acoustic panels applied to the walls, because they allow to create a space which is peacefully intimate, but also well lit.


The science behind acoustic light fixtures


U-light represents a new perspective for sound absorbing products, both from a technological and an environmental perspective. The PET panel, a material which is light, resistant and easy to form, has a 0,7 inches thickness, a sound absorbing factor of 0.6 and a good fire resistance. Applied to the U-light, this acoustic material can easily absorb the high and medium sound frequencies, which are typical of a public space.


The sound absorbing function has been integrated in the lighting fixture to offer not only optimal acoustic properties, but also to become a decorative element for offices, lobbies, restaurants or waiting areas.


The U-light acoustic ceiling lights collection includes two models which have in common the circular aluminum element with an integrated LED light source which diffuses a smooth and dimmable white light. Choosing LED light fixtures allows lower electrical consumption and remarks sensitivity to eco-sustainability.


U-light can be mounted on the ceiling, on the wall or as a pendant. It is available in two colors: rust brown and anthracite grey, applied to 4 different sizes to create endless combinations. These features, combined with the intrinsic lightness of its design, makes U-light a very flexible instrument to create installations with a strong scenic effect, particularly suitable to decorate contract and hospitality projects.


Axolight light fixture is currently working on a range of new acoustic lighting solutions. Stay tuned for more and in the meanwhile, discover all the other solutions for the interiors such as table lamps, pendant lights, recessed lamps, wall sconces and flush mount ceiling lights and modern floor lamps.