Wall designer lamps

Among a wide range of solutions for indoor wall lighting, Axolight offers wall lamps with a simple and elegant design.

What defines wall lamps is their capability to be efficient and functional, without being too bulky, transmitting some emotion to the architectural space and transforming a simple wall into a design element.

Two modern wall lamps by Axolight: Float and DoDot

Float by Mario Alessiani and DoDot by Simone Micheli are the new models of modern wall lamp by Axoligh. They have in common a careful previous research regarding the shape and the function. Also, they are both available in five trendy colors: white lamps, black lamps, blue, concrete, and pink.

 DoDot is an orientable spotlight that can be mounted on the wall, designed by the Architect and Designer Simone Micheli. Compact and powerful, DoDot is a LED wall lamp composed of two fully orientable (+/- 46°) small half spheres, containing a dimmable 17,6W LED lamp which will generate approximately 2,000 lumens.

The light beam can be calibrated to a punctual or diffused light, according to the specific needs of each project.

Float, from the emerging Italian designer Mario Alessiani, is a portable multifunctional battery lamp. In fact, it can be used as a wall lamp, pendant, floor lamp, or table lamp, mounting some special suspension cables or two pedestals (14” for the table lamp and 47” for the floor lamp). Float can be seamlessly moved from indoor to outdoor, thanks to the great dust and water protection (IP 55) which won’t make it fear a little bit of rain. Manufactured in aluminum and stainless steel, Float has a USB rechargeable battery with a life of 9 hours of constant use. Quite unique in this segment, the battery of Float can be replaced.

Wall chandelier and spotlights for a visual impact of interest

Lik is a wall lamp that combines elegance with technological power. Designed by Serge and Robert Cornelissen and available in three colors (white, bronze, and nickel), Lik offers a wall lighting which reflects up to the ceiling, creating a visual interest in museums, art galleries, corridors with single or multiple installations.

Among the design wall lamps a special mention goes to Ego, a collection of orientable wall lamps and chandelier ceiling lights, designed by the Axolight Lab, creative and multidisciplinary company internal team, in cooperation with the lighting designer Fabio Venturelli. Equipped with an integrated dimmable LED chip, Ego is a perfect blend of compact dimensions and state of the art technology. A cylinder of natural brass emits a punctual beam of light, an ideal solution to illuminate objects and colors not just inside an art gallery, but also in a private residence. 

An elegant and unusual wall lamp which gives great personality to each space is certainly Orchid, created by Rainer Mutsch taking inspiration from the beauty of nature. In fact, Orchid has a shape which resembles a delicate orchid stem, projecting both direct and indirect light thanks to some special aluminum diffusers shaped like funnels, carefully designed to avoid overheating, despite compact dimensions and thus ensuring the maximum possible lifetime for the light source. 

As for Orchid, all the wall lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, suspension lamps, ceiling lamps, generate a strong visual impact in every kind of environment, still respecting the elegant and modern style, which is synonymous of this lighting company, combined with the outstanding quality of a product carefully hand made in Italy.