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LED lighting: how to use it inside a house

In order to make everyday life more comfortable, choosing the right lighting for the home environment is fundamental and LED lighting is undoubtedly the perfect solution for this.

LED lighting

This kind of light source is, in fact, the most efficient way to fulfil different needs: an optimal solution for the areas that require to be illuminated with more intensity, showing the true color beauty of decoration and still keeping an eye to electricity consumption.

There are endless possibilities opening up with LED lighting and, most of all, it is possible to design innovative and creative combinations, making every space in the house highly evocative. Here is how we recommend using LED lighting in a house.


How many LEDs so I need to illuminate one room?

The first aspect to consider in defining the LED lighting of a house is understanding not only how many light sources it will be necessary to install in the various positions, but also their power. The light beam generated by LEDs is equivalent to the luminous emission coming from the lamp, which is measured in lumens for every light source.

In order to make an estimation and understand how many lamps are needed and how much power they should have, we can consider that, on average, it is necessary to provide 2.8 W for each square foot, which equals to 200-300 lumens. For example, to correctly illuminate a 320-350 sq ft room, we need to install lamps with a light package of 6,000-9,000 lumen.

In conclusion, how much power do we need for one average sized room? Considering that a LED lamp has an efficiency of approximately 60 lumens for each Watt, we will need more or less 100W to have a good lighting.


Types of LED lighting

LED lighting offers countless possibilities and nowadays it is certainly possible to find lamps which will be satisfying any need. Among the proposals of ceiling Led lights, there are several solutions combining design, technology and art. Using original shapes and designs, it is possible to create effects of strong visual impact who will surprise and fascinate.

One example is the Fairy pendant light, featuring iridescent symmetries and multiple reflections generated by matching aluminum surfaces with faceted crystals. The final result is a symphony of spectacular light effects.


Faily integrated LED lamp


Another visual wonder is the Fedora pendant, which can be elegant and voluptuous both as single pendant or in scenic multiple compositions. Fedora has a lighting harmony which is the combination of a perfect balance between tradition and modernity.

These solutions are perfect if installed in spaces like the dining room, living room or any other large size room, they are also an interesting choice for contemporary living, like for the lighting of large open spaces.

In addition to pendants, our recommendations to illuminate a house include also wall lamps, to be positioned in the biggest rooms to complete the illumination and create particular lighting effect

LED wall sconces are ideal also for entrances, hallways, bathrooms, in combination with floor lamps and table lamps which are perfect for the bedroom or the living room to create evocative corners.

To ensure the right amount of light during each moment of the day, there is nothing better than dimmable lamps, which allow to regulate luminosity according to the specific needs. Thanks to the led lighting for home interiors, it is possible to make sure that each room will benefit from the most appropriate lighting.

Kitchens are functional spaces in a house where necessarily a big amount of light is needed, so for this area it is possible to adopt a surface mounted ceiling light, combined with some orientable spotlights on the sides. On the other hand, for the bathroom the ideal choice is to position one or more ceiling or recessed lights, making sure to create a diffused light in all the room without glary hotspots.


Flexible and functional lamps with integrated LED

Among the most advanced solutions, the integrated LED lamps are, by far, one of the most functional and versatile option, guaranteeing improved duration and light quality, compared to the traditional LED lights.

In fact, while a traditional LED must necessarily be comprised in the dimensions of a standard light bulb, integrated LED chips can utilize a wider surface (potentially the whole wall lamp surface) for a better thermal management.

Furthermore, a traditional LED light has an expected lifetime between 15,000 and 30,000 hours, depending on the manufacturer, whereas an integrated LED system has an expected life of at least 50,000 hours, even up to 100,000, which equals to 20/30 years of usage.

On our website you can find countless possibilities to illuminate your house with advanced LED lamps, featuring a unique design and capable to enrich and tastefully elevate every living environment.

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