designer floor lamps

Designer floor lamps have become nowadays an important decorative element for residential or public spaces, capitalizing the advantage of being usually of compact size and easy collocation in any corner. The choice of a perfect floor lamp is depending from the available space and the lighting needs: in fact, functionality does not need to be sacrificed in favor of aesthetics. Axolight, a Venetian lighting manufacturing company, is offering a wide range of decorative floor lamps which can accommodate any need in terms of style and decoration.


Among the most famous designer floor lamps we find Orchid, created by Rainer Mutsch, evocating the enchant of nature with its sinuous shapes. Below the surface of an apparent simplicity, the hi-tech soul of Orchid emerges from the curated details, revealing a design approach combining shapes, materials and technology to achieve a perfect balance of innovation, efficiency and sustainability. The result is a multi-directional lighting solution which casts direct and indirect beams, thanks to the funnel shaped aluminum diffusers with an integrated dimmable LED source, especially designed to avoid overheating and ensure the maximum possible lifetime for the lamp.


Another really interesting design floor lamp is CUT, which has been crafted by Timo Ripatti to achieve a lighting effect which gently wraps, without glares or hotspots. The laser cut aluminum structure, masterfully joins two elements: the dimmable LED lighting source and the semi-transparent diffuser disc. The result is a lamp which can modify its position and, consequently, the lighting emission in a room.


Kwic, from an idea by Serge and Robert Cornelissen, is a family of very unusual designer floor lamps, reminiscing of a droplet of mercury which glides on a surface. In a dance of overlapping geometries, Kwic is a lamp with a thin metal structure, a disk of painted aluminum and a blown glass semi-spherical diffuser containing the light source. All these elements are overlapping in an asymmetrical composition.

Like a discreet presence in space, Kwic has a versatile personality which can me matched with different context and decorative styles.


A world premiere for 2020 is Float by Axolight, a portable battery floor lamp, designed by Mario Alessiani for multiple applications, both indoor and outdoor. Float boasts a great water and dust protection (IP 55) which makes it a perfect choice also for outdoor spaces. The amazing versatility of use, the minimal style and the ample choice of colors make Float the perfect complement for every public or private context.



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