Table lamps: modern and design

Lighting and furnishing often are the reasons why you feel the need to own one of the designer table lamps produced by Axolight.


Modern table lamps are objects that not only illuminate but also furnish and beautify the environment with their unique presence. The table lamps can therefore become a great expression of style: over the years there have been many designers and artists who have ventured into the creation of unique table lamps in collaboration with Axolight, because these pieces of furniture are load-bearing elements that allow you to express your creativity.


A design table lamp is a source of light, often additional, which is used very frequently, both in professional and in residential or hospitality environments, such as hotels.


Axolight as Design Lightning company designs and manufactures made in Italy modern table lamps, the result of the constant collaboration between Axolight’s research and development laboratory and some of the most important contemporary industrial designers.


Choosing the right decorative table lamp


Choosing the right decorative table lamp requires an analysis of the functional needs, therefore of the type of light you need, and aesthetics, therefore of the type of environment you want to illuminate.

As far as the most suitable type of light is concerned, it will be necessary to make an in-depth study – independently or with the support of a lighting designer – on the type of intended use. The light, and therefore the type of LED source as well as the direction of the light flow which is needed in the living room is different from what is needed in the office, in the bedroom, in the garden or on a dining table. In some cases it will be appropriate to move towards a light directed downwards, in others towards an indirect light with good power or towards a soft light.


As far as aesthetics are concerned, it is necessary to understand which type of design you are oriented towards and to choose for example from a selection of elegant or deco table lamps or from a selection of modern industrial table lamps, or find more versatile solutions able to approach more style needs.


In the field of designer table lamps, the wireless table lamp that is powered by long-term rechargeable batteries, is perhaps the greatest form of functional versatility. An extraordinary example of a portable table lamp, which adapts to any environment, indoors or out, is Float designed by Mario Alessiani. Float is a rechargeable battery lamp that can be used on a restaurant table, in the garden or in the bedroom.


By choosing Axolight modern table lamps you choose an original made in Italy table lamp, an object that brings together a great research of technology and aesthetics, a design table lamp that will remain over time.


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