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Wall sconces: 10 ideas from Axolight

Wall lamps have the function of ensuring the correct illumination levels and, at the same time, they are used for making spaces more elegant and decorated. According to our needs, we can choose a wall sconce which will be the main light source or a complementary light.

For example, wall sconces are a great idea to highlight a corner of the room, a particular object or simply to decorate, without compromising on functionality.

In order to achieve an optimal balance between functional and aesthetical effects, we recommend LED wall lighting: a technology which allows to obtain a very uniform illumination without darker spots. Furthermore, LED lighting can generate up to 90% savings in energy consumption.

Extremely versatile and functional, these lamps can be used both as complementary and main light sources, becoming an optimal solution to illuminate dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens hallways and entrances.

To recreate evocative atmospheres and scenic effects, the ideal choice is a designer wall sconce, which can perfectly match any décor style. The distinctive feature of designer wall sconces is that they are functional and efficient in a small footprint, due to their minimal shapes, while infusing character, personality and valorizing even the simplest elements in a room.

10 Axolight ideas for wall sconces

Among the newest Axolight’s designer wall sconces we find DoDot, an orientable spotlight designed by the Architect Simone Micheli. Extremely compact and efficient, this lamp is composed by two small orientable half spheres. DoDot has an outstanding performance, combined with a great light quality. Boasting a 2000 Lm dimmable LED source, this lamp offers different angle options to emit a narrow or diffused beam.

Ego is another wall lamp with a captivating design. Created by Axolight Lab, this splendid orientable spotlight is a perfect blend of lightness and performance. Equipped with a dimmable integrated LED chip, Ego is based on a natural brass cylinder, projecting a light beam capable to masterfully exalt objects and colors.

We also love Kwic, designed by Serge and Robert Cornelissen, a collection defined by asymmetrical lines which seem to be playing with intensely luminous reflections. The integrated LED source is wrapped by a bubble of blown glass, positioned off-center on a painted aluminum disc, making sure that his lamp will be able to decorate different décor styles, always with great taste and harmony.

Another particularly functional idea from Axolight is Lik, also created by Serge and Robert Cornelissen. The light of this sconce gets reflected upon the ceiling and it is a perfect fit not only for the walls of a living room, but also to valorize a museum or an art gallery.

An interesting solution to illuminate with no compromises on aesthetics is the use of recessed wall lamps. In this product category, we can find Fairy, designed by Manuel and Vanessa Vivian, a collection defined by endless light effects generated by the glass facets. A sophisticated and highly decorative lamp, its unpredictable reflections make it very evocative and versatile, thanks to the multiple color options. Fairy is ideal to illuminate passages, hallways and even wider spaces, plus it can be easily adapted to different areas.

From the same designers (Manuel and Vanessa Vivian) we have also Polia and Nelly. The wall sconce Polia is like a novel written in light, with a shape that resembles book pages moved by the wind. A discrete and elegant presence, Polia can decorate any space with taste and personality. Another fantastic collection is Nelly, defined by enchantingly simple geometry and a subtle interplay of light and shadows. Nelly is recognizable for its white fabric, gently crossed by a line which highlights details and reflections.

A very unusual and elevated solution is undoubtedly Orchid, from an idea of the designer Rainer Mutsch. Inspired by nature, its biophilic shapes evoke an orchid stem and has some elegant aluminum diffuser with an integrated dimmable LED source. This lamp is projecting both direct and diffused light, creating a strong visual interest in the room.

The wall sconce Muse, a creation of the designer Sandro Santantonio, is another original collection, truly unmistakable for its morbid lines and the bright fabric colors, an ideal solution to generate scenic effects in wider spaces. One more excellent choice is the sound absorbing lamp U-light, by Timo Ripatti. In addition to having an excellent performance absorbing the medium and high frequencies, typical of crowded public spaces, U-light is highly decorative and we recommend it for lobbies, waiting rooms offices and restaurants, all areas for which it will ensure a peacefully intimate and well-lit space.

All the models of designer lamps and pendants by Axolight have a strong visual impact which makes them suitable for different utilizations, on top of that, they are certainly defined by the elegance and quality of a made in Italy product.

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