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White Lamps

White is widely recognized as the color of purity and perfection. It is a neutral tone, still it is able to transmit a deep elegance.



White tones are utilized to represent the concepts of order and cleanness, conferring a minimal and sophisticated angle to every design project. Thanks to its versatility, in fact, it can be used for the most diverse scenarios, from residential to contract.


The catalogue of the Italian lightning company Axolight presents several collections of design white lamps. Some of these are dressed by impalpable fabric, some others have a metal core, but they all allow the maximum freedom of expression to creativity and to the different atmospheres that we aim to generate.


Versatility and beauty of white designer lamps by Axolight


Among the white fabric lamps, we find the Bell product family, from Manuel Vivian, a fabric pendant characterized by a bell-shaped body, more or less extended, according to the diameter. Bell is gently wrapped by a super smooth, flame-resistant, pongè ribbon. This collection of white lamps comes with a wide range of dimensions, from 1.5 to 6ft, a variety of 10 beautiful colors and three different applications: pendant, chandelier ceiling lights or wall lamps.


Another really fascinating white lamp is Manto, from Davide Besozzi. Manto is built on the mutual dialogue of three geometrical shapes: circle, cylinder and sphere. The Murano opaline blown glass sphere, containing an integrated LED lamp, is sustained by a telescopic arm. Once extended, the arm allows to position the sphere at different height: suspended at a distance from the circle of white elastic fabric, or completely immersed in it, resulting in different lighting effects. The circle is maintained in horizontal position by metal wires, elegantly connected to the telescopic arm.


Among the modern floor lamps, Orchid, a white metal lamp designed from Rainer Mutsch taking inspiration from the beauty of nature, is certainly standing out. In fact, Orchid is evoking with its shape the delicate flower giving the name to this collection. Orchid is projecting both direct and indirect light, using some special funnel-shaped diffusers which contain the dimmable light source and have been designed to avoid overheating, thus ensuring the maximum lifetime for the lighting source.


Last but not least, Float and DoDot, the newest creations from Axolight, are proposed in white, in addition to other trendy colors: black, blue, concrete green and mauve dust pink.


From an idea of the designer Mario Alessiani, Float is a multi-functional battery powered lamp which can be used as floor lamp, designer table lamp, pendant and even wall lamp. Float seamlessly transitions from indoor to outdoor thanks to a great water and dust protection rate (IP 55) which makes it a great option for outdoor living. Manufactured in aluminum and stainless steel, the white lamp Float has a USB rechargeable battery with a duration of 9 hours on continuous use. Quite unique in this segment, the battery can be replaced.

Designed from the world-famous Architect Simone Micheli, DoDot is a wall or chandelier ceiling light composed by two compact semi-spheres, fully orientable (+/- 46°) and containing a powerful 2,000 lumens dimmable LED source. The light beam can be calibrated to a punctual or diffused angle, satisfying the lighting needs of each project.


The white lamps from Axolight, when matched with innovative or traditional materials, transmit a delicate and timeless fascination which will never get boring over time. Discover more about the other solutions such as suspension lamps and recessed lighting design chandeliers.