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Decorative battery operated lamps

Versatile, light and wireless. Nowadays, battery operated table lamps represent an interesting design object capable of defining a new “Light Style” in private and public spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Decorative battery operated table lamps bring their style and functionality everywhere, often creating a seductive light effect. The in-depth research in terms of materials and technologies has led Axolight to conceive Float, thanks to the creativity of the designer Mario Alessiani.

Flot is a battery operated led table lamps made of aluminum and stainless steel, metal lamp, in 5 colors – white, black, blue , concrete, mauve powder – and available in several versions such as battery powered table lamps, battery powered floor lamps, flush mount ceiling lights and wall sconces .


Float has a rechargeable battery via a USB cable, has a duration of about 9 hours and is replaceable at the end of the cycle. The great advantage – in terms of space – is that the lamp body can be recharged without the aid of bases or support cables, thus allowing the simultaneous charging of multiple lamps in confined spaces. The degree of protection against dust and water is IP 55, which makes it ideal for outdoor environments as well.

Float is an excellent solution as a battery operated table lamp due to its small size and easy portability indoors and out. The 36 cm pedestal supports the lamp body which can also be freely placed on another object, such as a common bottle, thanks to a central hole closed in the upper end. The battery floor lamp version, on the other hand, has a 120 cm steel pedestal, while special support cables are provided for the ceiling and wall versions. Battery operated wall lamps are an easy way of changing the wall illumination according to our mood and Float is the perfect example for that.


Pop and eclectic, Flot is a beautiful multifunctional solution both for domestic environments – from the living room to the garden – and for the world of catering. Battery operated led table lamps for restaurants usually take up a lot of space on the table, taking away style and intimacy. Float, on the other hand, becomes a decorative and versatile element for every situation, thanks also to the soft touch system for switching on and regulating the light flow. The result? A soft light illuminates the environment while sipping a good wine thanks to an efficient and effective made in Italy light fixture