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LED dimmable lamps

More and more frequently, modern lamps are proposed in a dimmable version, being equipped with a LED technology device which is not only managing the on/off function, but can also regulate the intensity of the lighting beam, both with analogic and with a remote wireless control.


In order to satisfy the most refined lighting control needs, Axolight is offering several LED dimmable lamps, each one with different design, functionality and performance. In most cases, the integrated LED lamps is already incorporated in the lamp body, to minimize the space occupancy.


This is exactly the case for DoDot: the new orientable spotlight, perfectly suitable as indoor Ceiling Chandeliers and Wall Lamps, created by the Architect and Designer Simone Micheli for Axolight. Compact and powerful, DoDot is composed by two half-spheres which are fully orientable (+/- 46°) and contain a dimmable 17,6W LED chip which is offering 2,000 lumens. The light beam can be oriented by an aluminum reflector (narrow beam of 15° or 35°) or by a glass lens, resulting in a wider 48° angle. This flexibility will undoubtedly make sure that DoDot can be the right answer to every possible need for project or residential installations.


Among the dimmable LED lamps we encounter also Float, the latest Axolight product from an idea of the young Italian designer Mario Alessiani. Float is equipped with a touchpad, used to turn the lamp on/off and also to regulate the lighting intensity. It is a multifunctional battery operated lamp which offers many possible applications and can seamlessly transition from indoor to outdoor. Boasting a battery with 9 hours of continuous use, it can be easily recharged with a USB cable. Float has also a quite unique feature: once the battery has come to the end of its lifetime, it can be easily replaced. In the version as dimmable floor lamp, Float is installed on a 47” high pedestal, whereas for the table lamp version the pedestal is 14. The wall and ceiling versions are provided with hooking devices and suspension cables.


Another great example of Axolight dimmable LED lamp is Hoops, an idea from Giovanni Barbato, available in gold, black lamps and white lamps finishing. Triggered by the observation of the celestial orbits going around the sun, Hoops is designed with sinuous lines which are intersecting around the light source. The integrated dimmable LED is diffusing a warm and cozy indirect light, revealing the beauty of the surrounding spaces. Hoops is made with a metal wire structure and it comes in four pendant versions and two ceiling versions.


Manto, designed by Davide Besozzi for Axolight, is a dimmable pendant light, available in three different sizes (the bigger has a diameter of 71”). Manto can be installed as single pendant, becoming a lighting focal point, or as multiple. It is composed of three elements: a sphere, a cylinder and a circle, and these elements are on a constant dialogue: the sphere in opaline glass is moved by a telescopic cylindric arm which can keep it at a distance or fully immersed in a circle of elastic fabric. The result is a dynamic lamp, capable of modifying its shape and consequently the lighting effect. In fact, the dimmable light source contained in the blown glass sphere can be adapted to the lighting needs of each space, from the lobby of a prestigious hotel to the dining table of a restaurant.


A dimmable LED lamp ensures many advantages, compared to a non-dimmable lamp: more efficiency, less energy consumption and thus environmental sustainability. Also, this solution can be applied to all the lightning systems designed and manufactured by Axolight, such as modern table lamps and modern floor lamps. Additionally, it will give also more comfort and functionality, considering how easy and quick it becomes to have full control on the light and consequently create the perfect atmosphere.