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Modern pendant lights

Axolight holds a leading position in the development and production of modern pendant lights fixtures, achieved thanks to the constant research in the stylistic, lighting and material fields.


In the creation of modern pendant light fixtures, Axolight combines design, art and technology in order to create a light that enchants, excites and surprises. Style and reliability are the first two characteristics of Axolight’s varied offer of contemporary pendant lights.


Axolight’s pendant lighting offer is varied, both for pendant lamps’ shapes and functions. The lamps are all powered by LED on board and vary in size, from small pendant lights perfect for a stand-alone use, to monumental-sized lighting fixtures, capable of illuminating and furnishing even very large structures.


The right designer pendant lights


Before choosing the ideal designer pendant lights, it is necessary to carefully study the space and to choose the light effect that you want to recreate inside the room. Once this aspect has been defined, the design of the most suitable model of modern pendant lighting system according to the surrounding furniture style can be evaluated. In this sense, materials play a crucial role. Glass pendant light shades, like the iconic Mountain View by Dima Loginoff allow you to create a special luminous atmosphere.


Metal lamps have a great visual impact and they can be used alone or in groups, such as, for example Liaison by Sara Moroni, a composition of deco-inspired pendant lights, or Urban by Dima Loginoff, or Jewel by Yonoh Studio, linear suspension lights inspired by the contemporaneity of the great urban environments. Cult lamps such as U-light by Timo Ripatti, on the other hand, have a great stage presence while remaining minimal. Ideal for lighting up your living room, a work surface in the office or a dining table, direct light pendant lamps such as Virtus by Manuel Vivian allow you to create defined light spots on specific objects and portions of space.


A further level of customization can be reached with the adjustable pendant lamps, as in the case of Cut, also by Timo Ripatti, which allows you to point the different lighting bodies on the corners of the room to be enhanced, or on the pendant lamps with indirect light, as in the case of Hoops by Giovanni Barbato.


What makes Axolight a unique company is also the match between the creativity and the innovative ideas of all the designers, so don’t miss the chance to discover more about their creations and the wide range of table lamps, recessed lamps, wall sconces  and floor lamps Made in Axolight.