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Small Pendant Lights and Table Lamps

In a small pendant light or in a small table lamp, it is recommended to install a small size lamp which will fill up the volume and make the room look smaller.


The size of a lamp is one fundamental aspect to keep in mind when decorating one room. Normally, the lighting performance of a lamp is proportional to its dimensions. As a consequence of this, a bigger room surface requires a bigger diameter for the lamp. Our suggestion is to choose small pendant lights that will give the correct functional lighting to the space, also making it aesthetically pleasing.


Some modern small lamps designed by the lighting design company  Axolight, are the right answer to the decoration needs of small rooms, contributing to make them comfortable and chic.


Small pendant lights, great scenic effects


For example, the compact dimensions of the Virtus pendant do not preclude the possibility of creating grand installations with a strong visual accent! This small pendant lights family designed by Manuel Vivian, and featuring a slim and elongated silhouette, is already extremely elegant as a single suspension lamp, but achieves an extraordinary scenic effect if used in multiple compositions. Furthermore, the wide color palette allows mixing elements of different colors, adding charm to this small size suspension lamp.


Another example of a small pendant light is Urban Mini, specifically designed in a micro size from the Russian designer Dima Loginoff. Urban mini is perfect to provide the correct lighting for both residential and public spaces. The minimal shape of this pendant is based on the geometrical archetype of the cylinder, which can be easily incorporated in very different decorative contexts. A small size lamp, but a mighty technological power: it is equipped with an integrated dimmable LED, housed in an aluminum body which can be available in white, bronze and matt nickel finishing.


Perfectly blending technology and sustainability, Axolight is introducing Jewel, a collection of pendant lights designed by Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma from Studio Yonoh. The defining element for the Jewel pendant is a double-crossed arc, manufactured from recycled ABS, which is embracing a conical body hosting the dimmable LED source. In the single pendant version, the lighting effect is a single, punctual, beam, whereas multiple installations (3, 4 or even 10 lights) are meant to generate a more diffused light, ideal for contract spaces aiming at maximizing the visual well-being.


Axolight also offers a great variety of compact lamps for different uses, such as Aibu and Orchid for example, two very elegant small table lamps. Or Ego and Lik, the small wall sconces designed to illuminate every type of space in a discreet, yet sophisticated way.