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Designer fabric lamps and chandeliers

Fabric lamps and pendants have a very versatile nature, suitable with the most diverse applications, from residential to contract.


Design fabric lamps and pendants are normally built with a metal frame wrapped by a fabric, quite often removable, washable and interchangeable, which makes it extremely easy to customize every architectural space. The multiple shapes and colors available give plenty of choices to unleash creativity and generate the desired atmosphere.

The catalogue of the Venetian company Axolight includes several fabric collections, ranging from lamps with fabric shades to large size fabric pendants.


Fabric lamps allow to customize the interiors due to their multiple shapes and colors.


Muse, for example, is a collection of wall and ceiling lamps, pendants and table lamps, available in a wide color palette, which allows to tastefully decorate every kind of room. Designed by Sandro Santantonio, Muse is capturing and amplifying some scenic natural elements, resulting in a joyful style with original and intriguing expressive results. The bright colors, sensual lines and the transparences of the fabric transform Muse into an explosion of happiness.


Under the evocative name of Bell (designer Manuel Vivian), Axolight manufactures a fabric pendant lamp featuring a bell-shaped body, more or less stretched, according to the diameter. Bell is wrapped by a ribbon of flame resistant and super smooth pongè fabric. This collection offers an unprecedented versatility of use, thanks to the multiple dimensional options, from 18” to 71”, the different applications: ceiling, wall and pendant, last but not least, 10 beautiful colors to choose.


Davide Besozzi has created another surprising designer fabric lamp: the shape-shifting Manto collection which can transform its shape and the lighting effect, combining wonder and advanced technology. Manto is based upon simple geometries: a circle, a cylinder, a sphere and their mutual dialogue. A sphere of white opaline blown glass, containing the LED source, is sustained from a telescopic arm that, once unlocked, allows to reposition the sphere at different heights: suspended at a distance or immersed into an elastic fabric circle. The cylindrical arm is also used to keep the fabric ring horizontal using some stainless-steel cables.


Fabric lamps by Axolight are carefully manufactured in Italy as well as design lamps, pendant lightsrecessed lamps, wall and chandelier ceiling lights and modern floor lamps. Axolight pays extreme attention to details and quality, allowing to elegantly illuminate spaces of very different dimensions, creating a unique atmosphere either as single or multiple installations.