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Metal lamps

Metal lamps are increasingly used in modern interiors due to the extreme functionality and resistance of the material.



From the initial adoption as structural material in architecture, metal always had a strong appeal for its extreme functionality and resistance. Lately, metal has found a growing number of applications in design, and specifically in lighting, giving birth to fascinating metal lamps such as modern floor lamps, pendant lights, wall and ceiling lamps.


Among the collections created by the Italian Design Lightning Company Axolight, there is a considerable number of metal lamps developed from the great intuitions of prestigious international designers.


Scenic impact and a contemporary touch with modern metal lamps


The successful cooperation with the Finnish designer Timo Ripatti has resulted in the creation of U-light, a metal lamp with strong scenic impact, thus able to characterize with its shape and powerful light both hospitality and commercial spaces. Available in bronze and anthracite colors, U-light features a dimmable LED lamps perfectly integrated in its structure, diffusing a morbid and uniform light.


Lik, designed by Serge and Robert Cornelissen, is a metal wall lamp, available in white, bronze and matt nickel colors. Lik is the perfect balance of a minimal shape with state-of-the-art technological elements.


Urban, an idea of the Russian designer Dima Loginoff is a family of metal ceiling lamps and metal pendants, well known for its elegant shape. The sophisticated colors finishing transform Urban into a modern masterpiece, creating a design element of great personality.


Taking inspiration from celestial orbits, the Italian designer Giovanni Barbato has created Hopps, a metal lamp with sinuous lines dancing around a lighting nucleus of LED light. The Hoops collection is proposed in four different versions of metal pendant lamp, and two versions of metal ceiling lamp. In addition to the traditional black and gold colors, Hoops line has now been enriched by a white finishing option, which adds a touch of glamour to one of Axolight legacy products.


Among the modern metal pendants, we find Liaison, created by the designer Sara Moroni with an elegant a timeless touch. The shape of Liaison is based upon three geometrical archetypes: sphere, arc and cylinder, combined in a handcrafted light aluminum structure with matt black or gold color. Building upon these elements a single pendant or endless multiple compositions of different sizes can be created.


Technological innovation and stylistic elegance, these are the distinguishing traits for all the metal lamps by Axolight. You can find them also in modern table lamps or recessed lamps. Discover more about the other collections and solutions.