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What is a dim lightning

What does dimmable mean? It is a technology which allows fine-tuning the intensity of the light beam. If applied to modern and classy light fixtures, it opens new possibilities for light management in domestic and other spaces.

The adjective dimmable literally means with “adjustable intensity”. This term can be applied to the innovative lighting technique from Axolight. Lighting comfort inside domestic and public spaces can be controlled with analog or digital solutions, allowing to make the atmosphere more intimate, according to specific needs.

With a touch, you can have a more or less intense light and, in most solutions, you are also allowed to direct it towards one area or another one. Spaces become dynamic and can adapt to different needs, in line with your necessities and wishes.

This is why the use of integrated led lamps equipped with dimming options is perfect for areas like the living room, a relaxation corner, a home office or a bedroom, but also for a restaurant or a lounge bar. The overall mood of the room can change according to the light intensity, creating relaxing games of lights and shadows which are revealing hidden corners and mysterious atmospheres.

What does dimmable lamp mean?

Axolight has applied the principle of dimmable light to several collections, including ceiling lamps, wall sconces and floor lamps. This gives the possibility to autonomously manage lighting, creating a more or less intimate atmosphere in different situations.

For example, with the Design Modern Light Fixtures from the Hoops family, the sinuous curves get reflected on the ceiling and on the walls, creating different shapes according to the intensity of light. Perfect for a living room or a bedroom, this dimmable lamp is truly a piece of art which will radically transform the appearance of a space, just with a simple gesture. 

Even Manto belongs to the family of pendant lights with dimmable led light. The diffused light created by this pendant using an elastic fabric caressing the led source becomes even more morbid and romantic lowering its intensity. We can dim it up to the point it will become just a delicate halo of light, embracing the most edgy corners of the room.

Choosing ceiling lamps with dimmable led

Led ceiling lamps are an intelligent choice to reduce consumption, to create a modern and elevated space and to choose light sources that will become a visual interest for the rooms.

Now that you know what dimmable led light means, you can certainly add another element to the list of good reasons why to choose this technology.

In ceiling lamps like Kwic from Axolight, light itself becomes part of the design. The led source which is illuminating a reflective surface, like a droplet immersed in the dark, can be regulated in intensity and therefore confer more or less warmth to the room where it is installed.

This means always being able to give to your house the appearance you desire, without having to choose an illumination setup which is fixed and immutable over time. Design elements are integrated not only in the décor of your rooms, but also in your daily habits, changing upon your mood and wishes.

Dimmable floor lamps

What is then the ultimate definition of dimmable led? It means that the light beam becomes a matter which can be modeled at will. With floor lamps like Orchid and Cut even the direction can be adjusted, so that all the corners of a room can be wrapped by light (or shadow), according to our preferences.

If during working or studying hours these led floor lamps precisely define a working area, during relaxation time they can become diffusers of an impalpable halo. Thanks to semi-transparent diffusers, the dimmable and orientable led can generate a diffused light, filling the whole room with a magic atmosphere. This is ideal to create romantic moments, intimacy or simply relaxation.

In fact, a dimmable lamp eliminates the issue of a glary or too direct light, making the atmosphere relaxing for the eyesight and for our soul. On top of that, the games of light and shadow that appear on the wall become another design element, that will confer character and personality to the house. The choice of a dimmable illumination, thus becomes a choice of style, not just functionality.


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