muse - w.o.k., world oriented kitchen

The W.O.K. restaurant located in the prestigious Parioli district in Rome, hosts several Muse lamps that become the main component of the unique interior design of this building. Muse ceiling and pendant lamps were selected in white, a color that creates bright focal points of light in the restaurant, making this dark and shady ambience stand out. It is not just the light emitted by Muse to stun, but also its shape. Hanging in the stairwell, Muse contributes in creating the unique and engaging experience proposed by W.O.K. An important project that demonstrates one more time how the contemporary pendant and ceiling lights by Axolight are artistic objects that give elegance and personality to all the space in which are used.


Project by: Colli + Galliano Architetti
Lighting Design by: Illuminati di G. Ippoliti
Photos by: Matteo Piazza