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virtus - private apartment

Anna Belousova and Irina Krotova have completely renovated this apartment in Yaroslavl. The starting point has been the reorganization of the spaces: uniting the kitchen with the living room to create an open space, the creation of a separated bathroom, and the expansion of the master bedroom, thanks to the elimination of two small dressing rooms.



For the decoration of all the walls of the apartment, the interior designers opted for different materials and wallpapers. In the master bedroom, the choice is a mixture of violaceous paint and a wallpaper that simulates the concrete texture. The overall interior design of the apartment follows the minimalist philosophy, and so it is also for the bedroom. In this sense, our pendant lamps Virtus are the right lighting solution to illuminate discreetly one of the two night tables and embellish the environment at the same time. A lamp with an elegant design and a refinement that is proper of many pendant lamps and the contemporary ceiling lights of Axolight.



Designer: Anna Belousova, Irina Krotova

Photos by: Ekaterina Hudyakova