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u-light, mountain view - guest house

Working on this project, Ekaterina Borisova-Shiyan strived to make a link between architecture and the surrounding nature. The idea of this guest house was to create a space where it will be easy and comfortable to collect many guests for a fete, have a possibility to leave friends overnight or to spend time with friends walking in a forest nearby. Big windows give the possibility to enjoy nature and natural light. Ekaterina said that for her it was very important “to submit the materials in a way that their textures and natural beauty were revealed gradually, creating an interesting, quiet visual environment. It was very important to find the best solutions in all the interior parts and natural colors of the house. “In the project I used my formula “scale – form – comfort -budget”. Exactly in this order, since each room had an individual volume and configuration. In forms I wanted to withstand the constantly changing rhythm of straight and curved lines, I think this directly affects the quality of the rest. ”


It was rather obvious that in a house with a wonderful view of the natural landscape, there should appear objects that convey its essence: Mountain view collection by Dima Loginoff supported the natural concept of the design in the best way. U-light by Timo Ripatti instead, in the living room, illuminate elegantly, filling the space without burdening it. The perfect solution for this house with high ceilings.


Architect: Ekaterina Borisova-Shiyan