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skirt - private house with swimming pool

The star of this sophisticated house in Israel, which covers a 500 sq surface, is our Skirt ceiling lamp, with a double lampshade in light green. The interior design is mostly composed of modern and design furniture, the tones are bright and neutral, the only colour flashes are given by Skirt and by the turquoise pouffes. This lamp, all many designer ceiling lamps, decorative table lamps, floor lamps of Axolight, is available on the catalogue in different colours.


The two-floors building has a characteristic “L” shape, with both sides of the same length, these wings embrace and host the swimming pool, giving a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. The glass wall of the living room gives access directly to the swimming pool area, so Skirt ceiling lamp can light up the warm summer evenings.


Project by: Shachar Rozenfeld Architects

Photos by: Shai Epstein