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mountain view - private chalet

Mountain View pendant heated by light seeping in through the large windows, reminds an ice sculpture when it is melted by sun and the surface becomes more and more transparent. Mountain view is one of a kind pendant lights. It is, in fact, as many Modern Light Fixtures of Axolight, more a work of art rather than a simple lamp.


The young interior designer is also the owner of this wonderful chalet. The house is located in Villars-Gryon, a charming ski resort, away from city’s pollution and chaos, with a panoramic view on the Geneva Lake and the Alps. The chalet is completely surrounded by nature, by woods where foxes, deers live and where owls’ song breaks night’s silence.


The project result perfectly according to the family’s needs: beautiful timber, some stones here and there, and very large windows everywhere to let the sun come in and for us to be able to enjoy the panoramic view. It is a perfect mixture of the typical chalet with a little modernity.


Interior design and photos by: Christina Wuttke

Project by: Chalet Bayrou