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spillray - pizza restaurant

This Pizza place is inspired by two cities; Naples and Beirut, a fused pizza concept is what it’s all about. It brings together Naples’ pizza recipe baked in the oven along with Lebanese spices and ingredients in a unique twist.


The aim was to journey people through a whole experience of space not just a dialogue of flavors. Hereby authentic -look materials and scenes that combines both cities were used to enhance the feeling inside the space bringing forward a contemporary timeless experience that is relevant today and tomorrow.


Looking back while still walking ahead, some main materials and colors were selected to enhance the design concept. Therefore, concrete mixed with small black aggregates panels were used as a cladding material along with jade color steel rods hanging above the kitchen area providing storage while maintaining a neat look in order to add a sense of nature into the space along with colored glass pendant lights to lighten up the space. Polished crushed Carrara tiles were used to provide a modern twist of the terrazzo tiles besides Maple wood texture that was used in woodworks and chairs covered with woven straws to give a Mediterranean rich experience while adding warmth to the space.


Spillray pendant lamps are a bespoke product realized exclusively for this project, in fact the 3 lights pendants are composed by a big lampshade in frozen glass, a medium lampshade in crystal finish and a small one in green glass. Like many Modern Light Fixtures of Axolight, this collection is usually proposed on catalogue in the transparent version – crystal, grey, red and bronze colours.


Project by: Paradigm Design