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orchid - private apartment

Elena Shpak of HomeCult has curated the renovation of this apartment in the residential complex Tetris Hall in Kyiv. An apartment of 50 sqm, property of a young dynamic girl. Elena started from the personality of the owner to project an apartment that is contemporary, fresh and elegant. Minimalism is the philosophy that has guided the interior designer in the choice of materials and colors. The final result is an apartment that is warm, cozy, and bright thanks to the light colors.



To illuminate the kitchen counter, among all the pendant lamps and the contemporary ceiling lights of Axolight, Elena chose our pendant Orchid. Thanks to its shape, recalling the homonymous flower, this lamp brought nature into the space. An elegant solution that suits the interior design of the apartment, while providing the appropriate light that a working space as the counter needs.



Project by: Shpak Elena

Studio: HomeCult

Photos: Yulia Masyuchenko