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orchid - apartment in vingriu st.

The interior architecture studio Akta renovated this apartment in The Old Town of Vilnius. The original layout plan has been completely remodelled: from small rooms to comfortable open areas in harmony with the modern living standards.

The main focal point for the interior is the cosy relaxing area in the bedroom with a floor-to-ceiling window looking out over The Old Town.

Modern geometric shapes and sustainable solutions define perfectly the character of this interior design.


The layout of this project is underlined visually by the dark wood panelling.

To bring a distinct feel to the space, Akta has avoided strong colours preferring a combination of neutral shades and lighting solutions.

The perfect lighting solution for the kitchen has been found in the Axolight pendant lamp Orchid, which contributes to the minimalist interior design. A lamp that is available in the catalogue among the minimalist floor lamps, the ceiling lamps, the unique table lamps and the wall lamps.


Project by: AKTA

Photos: Norbert Tukaj