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liaison - private flat

The purity of the lines, the refinement of the geometry, and the preciousness of the golden touch make our pendant lamp Liaison unique. A lighting choice that suits perfectly this fantastic project from Isabel Gómez Interiors.

Before the renovation, this flat in Brussels was completely different and its owners didn’t think it felt like their home. They wanted a change in their lives, transforming their flat into a cozy and elegant home.

The starting point of this project has been the vision of Isabel Gómez. She said “We believe that a sophisticated room isn’t only beautiful, it also makes you beautiful while you’re in it. It’s a place where you feel chic, where you can definitely be well dressed and feel that you belong there. Honestly, we think every house should have a room that has some glamour.”

So, the cornerstone of this renovation? The living room. Large windows give this space an incredible brightness. The natural light had to be the protagonist, leaving the scene after the sunset to a discrete, but elegant lamp, such as Liaison.

Dark and huge tiles replaced the old floor. Black is also present in the marble wall, in which Isabel Gómez Interiors has inserted a cozy fireplace. To complete it,  three modular sideboards. The couch has given a touch of color, with pastel shades, revived by the gold brushstroke of our pendant lamp Liaison by Sara Moroni.

An amazing project in which Axolight has demonstrated how, in all the lighting projects, quality and elegance are the core values and the perfect expression of made in Italy.


Project: Isabel Gómez Interiors

Photo credits: Isabel Gómez Interiors