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liaison, kwic, cut, u-light, jewel - zanette’s projects

Zanette is a brand belonging to Tomasella that, since 1948, is one of the top furniture makers in Italy. A company that shares many values and characteristics with Axolight. Craftsmanship, uniqueness, aesthetics and technology, contemporaneity, minimalism: these are only a few of the things in common between the two brands.



Our lamps are the protagonists of these interior designs by Zanette. Liaison, the pendant lamp designed by Sara Moroni, with its perfect balance of the geometric archetypes: sphere, circle, and cylinder. Kwic, in its floor version, a semi-spherical blown glass diffuser and a circular painted aluminum disk fused together. Cut, the award-winning collection designed by Timo Ripatti, that has an avant-garde design bringing modernity in every space. U-light that is the perfect combination of simplicity, elegance and high-end technology. Four lamp collections with a minimalist design that suits perfectly the style of these projects by Zanette.



Projects by: Zanette

Styling: Sara Sarli Studio

Photos: Daniele Di Pietro for Riccardo Munarin Studio