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alysoid - lebay beach hotel

Welcome to a Mediterranean retreat where the fusion of low-key style and laid-back vibes creates a beachfront destination that is high on comfort tinted with summer magic. Welcome to Lebay Beach Hotel, positioned virtually on the water’s edge of a unique twin bay in Larnaca on the south-eastern coast of Cyprus.


This contemporary escape appeals to today’s travelers who appreciate understated luxury woven into minimalist design. The hotel’s low-rise modern architecture with a boutique personality is flanked by a long-stretched sandy beach, where clean, calm waters are touched by a fresh balmy breeze.


More than 20 Alysoid pendant lamps, thanks to their weightless soul, underline the lightness atmosphere that permeates the restaurant’s interior design. This lamp, designed by Ryosuke Fukusada, is only one of the metal lamps realized by Axolight, that utilizes for its lamps many materials such as fabric and glass.


Lebay Beach Hotel

Project by: Mr. George Larkou – De Grussa Larkou Architects

Photos by: DEC & Eleni Polydorou Agency