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skirt - hotel scandic paasi

Scandic’s flagship hotel in Helsinki is a 170-room hotel integrated with one of the city’s true landmark buildings, the Paasitorni conference and congress center.


A city is only as vibrant as its personalities. The best architecture, the finest views, the fanciest restaurants – it all counts for nothing if the streets and buildings are not brought to life by the zest and character of the people who populate them. This is true of Helsinki and particularly of the Siltasaari area, just a five-minute tram ride from the main center.


Siltasaari is the Finnish capital at its most dynamic, honest, and authentic. A magnet for creative and progressive thinkers and spiced with a dash of bohemian attitude, the area gets its offbeat cultural charm from the colorful personalities of its history.


The stars of the Siltasaari circus are especially celebrated in the reception area. Entering the hotel, you can imagine the roar of lions and the crack of the ringmaster’s whip. Next to the lobby and bar, the drawing-room offers a warm and cozy ambience, with its huge bookshelf filled with objects, photos and books that tell the story of the area’s history. Each piece of furniture in the lobby and drawing room has a specific label dedicated to selected characters from the area. Our Skirt pendant lamp with its huge lampshade recalls the Circus tent. A lamp that, as many ceiling chandeliers, wall lamps, contemporary pendant lamps of Axolight, has a scenic impact that works even when the lights are off.


Hotel Scandic Paasi

Project by: Stylt Design

Photos by Erik Nissen Johansen