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hoops - private residence

These are the photos of a living room in the townhouse in Moscow with a contemporary style. The starting point for the project was an abstract picture of a Spanish artist Jose Barbera, made in a topical coral palette. It also became the center of the composition. The colour spectrum of the walls and furniture is active enough, but it’s supposed to be a great accompaniment to the picture. When it was necessary to to choose the light, the interior designer considered several points:


1. Good lighting of a dining room.
2. Lightweight construction, which doesn’t complicate the interior
3. A nice interesting modern form


One, among of the modern chandeliers by Axolight, satisfied all this conditions. “When I first saw it in interior salon №1 MBTM company, I immediately understood that it would have been the perfect option. Its smooth curves charm with the play of light and a game of shadows and perfectly harmonize with a brass insert in a picture frame, chair bases and a curtain rod. It doesn’t grab the pictures attention and is also seen as a full-fledged art-object” said Olga Lapshova, giving the perfect definition of our pendant lamp Hoops.



Interior designer: Olga Lapshova
Stylist: Olga Lapshova
Photo: Gevorg Arutyunyan