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float table - conrad chia laguna

Located in the rocky Chia promontory, one of the most scenic and evocative seaside resorts in southern Sardinia, the new Conrad Chia Laguna Sardinia, within the Chia Laguna Resort, occupies a splendid position on the coast. The Hotel is nestled in the Mediterranean scrub, among Sardinia’s beautiful snow-white beaches, rocky dunes covered with vegetation and lagoons coloured by pink flamingos.
The careful selection of furnishings, finishes and materials communicate a clear idea of luxury and well-being closely tied to the timeless Mediterranean style, all in the name of authenticity, tradition and large spaces in direct contact with the island’s wild and pristine nature.

The multi-functional and portable Float table lamps were used in the internal and external area of ​​the “Bollicine” bar.



Project: Studio Marco Piva

Photo: Andrea Martiradonna