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bell - casa mokotow

The three tonalities utilized in this two-storey house in Warsaw are black, red, and warm brown. The wooden furniture gives a warm touch to the interior design of this flat. The red of the staircase and chairs gives effervescence. The black instead assures elegance and refinement, thanks to the pendant lamps Bell.



The apartment of 240 sqm has been completely renovated. The starting point has been the preservation of the history of this apartment. The architects have kept the original balustrade of the staircase in order to create a continuum with the past. The library is reinforced by two steel columns, designed specifically for this project.



However, Bell is only one of the Italian Design Modern Light Fixtures of Axolight with a great visual impact and with a refined design, suitable for every kind of lighting project.



Interior design: Marcin Tryc/Grupa Żoliborz

Photos: Marcin Tryc