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bell - bloom! hotel

Hotel BLOOM! is an art-forward hotel located in Central Brussels. The Experience Floor is a new meeting concept at the hotel designed to emphasize artistic inspiration and relaxation.  Hotel BLOOM! and its owners, Pandox, secured Virserius Studio to meld clever art and design to make meetings more productive. The opening of the space in Fall 2016 coincided with the hotel’s 10-year anniversary.


The Experience Floor comprises two underground floors featuring relaxed meeting spaces equipped with the latest technology. The hotel was already noted as the first hotel to incorporate art and design into its rooms, and Virserius Studio drew upon its extensive multidisciplinary experience to create meeting spaces that incorporated its signature playful aesthetic. Our Bell pendant lamps even if they’re black, contribute to the playful atmosphere. But, As for Bell, all the wall sconces, table lamps, modern floor lights, pendant lights, flush mount lights, generate a strong visual impact in every kind of environment, still respecting the elegant and contemporary style.


The idea was to make The Experience Floor a place where one could spend their day. Immediately off the elevator is a ping pong table inviting guests to play. The table has become very popular, and is in frequent use by guests to unwind and engage in friendly competition.  Another fun element incorporated was the hand-painted hopscotch on the floor of the pre-function area that is also mirrored on the ceiling above.


Art played a pivotal role in conveying a sense of creativity in The Experience Floor. Virserius Studio referenced Belgium’s storied cartoon tradition and style with an eye to bring it to new generations. Together with lifestyle firm Imago Productions, V/S created a new set of cartoons, which can be found throughout The Experience Floor, playfully engaging in activities relevant to the space – competing in ping pong, scaling new heights of creativity, relaxing, connecting with one another, planting the seeds of new ideas, jumping over hurdles to get from one place to another.


Hotel BLOOM!

Project by: Virserius Studio

Photos by: Kaan Sensoy – Magic Eye Studio  and Eric Laignel