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bell - pollio studio

The Pollio Studio is a project designed by Alive Design, a studio based in Kyiv. Working on this studio, Alive Design chose a contemporary style, emphasized by the furniture and the mix of pale shades and vivid colors of the rooms. Despite being located in the basement floor of its building, Pollio Studio takes advantage of the natural light, integrating it, when necessary, with a complex lighting system.


The two most important rooms of the Studio, the CEO office and the conference area, needed a lighting solution that could offer visual comfort, while making a statement. Our pendant lamp Bell by Manuel Vivian, with its unique design, has been the perfect choice. Two black Bell illuminate the CEO office, while a red version, that recalls the color of the walls, lights up the conference area. Bell as many contemporary pendant lamps of Axolight guarantees visual comfort, but, being also a lamp with sound-absorbing properties, assures also the acoustic one.


Project by: Alive Design