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liaison, alysoid - apartments "shine"

The “SHINE” apartments are located in the city of Dnipro in a residential complex on the embankment of the river overlooking the monastery island.

The space, with an area of 110 m2, was located on two levels and had an orientation on two opposite sides. Initially, the first level was intended for the living room and kitchen, and the second – for the sleeping area. But the owners of the apartment agreed on an atypical decision to change these functional areas in some places and got the optimal solution, which gave a number of advantages.


Our pendant lamps Alysoid, designed by Ryosuke Fukusada, and Liaison, designed by Sara Moroni, illuminate with style this beautiful project by Svoya Studio.


However, Alysoid is only one of the Italian Design Modern Light Fixtures of Axolight with a great visual impact and with a refined design, suitable for every kind of lighting project.


SVOYA studio, 2020, Dnipro, Ukraine

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Photo: @angelovchik