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Light management for a reading corner

The creation of a peaceful relaxation corner in a house cannot overlook the choice of the right reading light. When we want to dedicate some time to the noble art of reading, intensity, positioning and type of light can truly make a difference.


Imagine getting back home after a day at work, at school, or after running some errands. The only thing you want right now is to relax. Sink in on a comfortable sofa, caressed by the right reading lamp, and immerse yourself in the real or imaginary world of your favorite novel. 

What can be more relaxing and enjoyable of a carefully planned and curated reading corner? Starting from the choice of the furniture, to the colors on the walls, continuing with a rich library which will feed our knowledge and finally adding some designer lamps and pendants, to illuminate the pages of a book which moves us, entertains or amuses us; everything has a precise location in the geography of our the soul where we collocate the relaxation corner

Reading corner decor and more

When we think of relaxation, the first words surfacing on our mind are softness, peace, serenity. How can we practically transfer these concepts in a reading corner? Start with the décor element, in which you are literally going to cradle with a book in your hand. It might be a vintage sofa, or a cozy and morbid armchair, a niche in the walls complemented by soft pillows or even a bow-window facing a wonderful view.

Once you found the perfect spot, fill it with books. The most original design solutions go well beyond the classic full height bookshelves (which still remain splendid and a great solution to contain all your beloved books). If you are dealing with a limited surface, try innovative and space saving ideas like niches on the wall, benches which can contain books, suspended shelves to create a chic atmosphere or even wicker baskets, used to store your favorite novels.

You will also need a way to define the space dedicated to reading, setting the boundaries of your private world: consider for example a soft carpet, colorful and trendy. After that, obviously, add pillows: big and plushy, small and numerous, expressing your style through colors, patterns or your favorite quotes, engraved or printed to always remember them.

Reading Light

All the care and attention spent in the building of your private paradise corner would not make sense, without the right reading lamp. In fact, reading requires a precise, direct and comfortable illumination. Only with the correct setup, you will be able to breeze through pages and pages of adventures without fatiguing your eyes.

Which is the best reading lamp? Basically, you are facing two alternatives: floor lamps or table lamps. The first family ensures a more diffused light, coming from above to illuminate the pages with a direct beam. If you have an elegant tea table next to your reading corner, you can indulge in a table lamp, which will create a more intimate atmosphere.

Axolight solutions for your relaxation area

If you have opted for floor lamps, the line of portable lamps Float by Axolight will give a playful and amusing touch to your reading corner. The long stem allows to illuminate a quite wide area, caressing with light your favorite book and sofa.

AX20, an adjustable floor lamp, is a more modern alternative with a rational style. One of the latest models by Axolight, thanks to a moving arm, can orient the light beam exactly where needed. Additionally, being extremely light and thin, AX20 can easily be moved around your house based upon different needs. 

For your reading table, a lamp like Orchid is a minimalist and chic solution. Despite a very compact shape, Orchid is capable of creating a warm and intense light beam which can be adjusted with a dimmable led. This model is also available as a floor lamp, featuring 3 lights oriented in different directions. With these table lamps or floor lamps you can have a direct light oriented towards your reading corner, alternatively, you can orient it towards the wall, to have a diffused and relaxing lighting, when you have finished reading the last chapter.

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