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Acoustic and light engineering: the best comfort for your spaces.

Perhaps you have never considered this, but acoustic and light engineering applied to architecture have an influence on the well-being of the inhabitants. A warm and diffused light, combined with perfect acoustic comfort is undoubtedly a winning factor for restaurants, offices and any other place designed for social gathering.

acoustic and light engineering

What are acoustic and light engineering?

They are the scientific disciplines controlling and regulating respectively sound and light perception in a space. Imagine designing a restaurant hall, what will make a customer feel fully at ease?

In addition to good food and good company, light and sound do have an influence on the overall experience. Statistics shows that 58% of Italians find really annoying having to eat in a too noisy place. Excessive noise levels seem to have the capability of modifying our taste perception, therefore resulting in a disruption of the overall savoring experience.

For this reason, Axolight has created Design Modern Light Fixtures which positively contribute to the acoustic comfort not only for public venues, but also for private spaces like co-working, home offices, etc. 

Stylish acoustic solutions

For a business with a location open to the public, every detail must be curated to ensure clients will have the best possible experience. This is why acoustic and lighting are key factors to be evaluated for restaurants, bars and trendy spaces.

Once we have clearly defined our target clients and the décor style, the disposition of the lighting spots should be studied together with a lighting designer. In fact, choosing where to position light fixtures and which materials to use, can make a huge difference in the overall mood of the venue

For example, utilizing acoustic lighting solutions is a clever way to merge the acoustic and lighting analysis in the same object, with the goal of achieving a total comfort. How is it then possible for some specific materials to influence our sound perception?

Sound absorbing material for a complete acoustic comfort.

Light engineering science is constantly striving to generate an environment as much functional and welcoming as possible. Each light source is carefully designed to create the right balance between light and shadows, shapes and volumes; in all this, materials play a fundamental role.

Consequently, Axolight has studied a number of lighting fixtures with acoustic materials. The ultra-light PET shades are absorbing sounds frequencies, helping to reduce reverberance and generating a soft atmosphere. At the same time, light will be uniformly diffused, filtering through these airy and colorful materials.

In the line of acoustic solutions Velvet and Bell, Axolight is using the colorful lampshades to absorb and reflect sounds in the environment, creating a morbid and welcoming atmosphere which will make each person feel at ease.

Not only restaurants: acoustic comfort in the office

Now that you have realized the important connection between acoustic and lighting, you will agree upon the fact that hospitality businesses are not the only ones which could benefit from this kind of solutions. Waiting rooms, libraries, offices and studies, domestic spaces and flexible co-working spaces: these are all locations where patience and concentration are key, therefore acoustic and visual comfort are truly needed; even for these spaces, we can create comfort with the right acoustic lighting.

The pendant lamps Layers or the wall lamps from the U-light collection allow to muffle sounds and noises, creating a comfortable environment for studying, working, relaxing or spending tome together. At the same time, designer lighting can contribute to giving a defined character to the rooms in which it is installed, providing a decorative element also to office spaces with a clean and minimal design.

How to create the right bond between acoustic and lighting

Interior designers specialized in these fields will certainly be able to find the ideal solution for your shared spaces. The choice of shapes, colors and styles, goes together with the practical utilization of the right materials and the strategic positioning of the acoustic panels within lighting fixtures.

Each lighting spot thus becomes the keystone of the room, transforming it into a multifunctional space where work, study and relax can harmonically live together. Lamps with a diffused light and pendants wrapped in PET will confer to the space a warm and welcoming lighting, combined with a desirable acoustic comfort. Creating the right balance is a subtle play of aesthetics and functionality: let yourself guide by your instinct and by the advice of the experts to create an unforgettable atmosphere.

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