bell - zakopane apartment / zakopane, poland

White colour and furniture accessories characterized by vivid colours and circular shapes are the main characters of this little flat in Poland. The strong colours together with the circles are visible in the rug, consisting of multi-coloured pom-pon, in the screen print and in the little spirals composing the living room’s wall.


The circular form is remarked by the choice of the lighting design: our Bell pendant lamp in fact overlooks the table in the dining room. A lamp that doesn’t burden the entire space, as many ceiling chandeliers, wall lamps, contemporary pendant lamps of Axolight.


An apartment with approx. 100 m² for a family of seven. The biggest challenge in this interior was to create a large, open day zone. The sewage pipe between the living room and the kitchen was covered with steel which creates a sculpture. Decorative elements in the interior are a TV wall made of steel elements and a large graphics in the hall.


Interior design: Marcin Tryc/Grupa Żoliborz

Photos: Marcin Tryc