shatter - erzelli technology hub / genoa, italy

A composition of Shatter pendant lamps in two different sizes light up TowerB’s hall in Erzelli Technology Hub.


The project of a technology hub in Genoa was born at the beginning of the last decade thanks to the will of a team of entrepreneurs, who founded and support Genova High Tech S.p.A (GHT) corporation, the actuator of GREAT Campus (Genoa Research & Advanced Technology Campus).


The corporation is therefore born from a forward-looking private entrepreneurial initiative that sees in the high-tech activities and in the relationship among industry, universities and research centers the formula to accelerate the famous Italian creativity and to centralize talents able to give a solid prospect of research in our country and to bring Genoa to a second glorious phase where heavy industry is partly replaced by the brain industry. The Campus is the place where “brains” and experiences meet each-others and could together attract innovative companies and research centers and to implement the chain that goes from creation of ideas, to the innovation process up to the realization of technological products for the market.


Great Campus is also currently the most important redevelopment project in the city of Genoa: a flat area of over 300,000 square meters that was previously occupied by a container depot, cause of its strategic location.


Erzelli Technology Hub

Project and photos by: Goagroup – arch. Nicola Pisani, arch. Giorgio Tona